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Get ready and stay ready for new song “Lay it Down” by Gheddy. Hitting all Digital Stores Tomorrow 7/6/17. This is Gheddys first release to the Digital community. Keep a eye on this Artist and watch how we help him grow. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @Gheddyboy, On Instagram @Gheddy_, on Facebook @Gheddymusic, & his SoundCloud @GheddySC

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Releasing in all Digital Stores 7/6/17
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Releasing 7/6/17

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We want your Most Gutter Track. #Street #Raw #Not4TheIndustry

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Submit that Gutter Shit!

Visit 100wreckordz.com The streets got something they want you to hear. Or maybe you got something the streets need to hear. Get it all off your chest now. Submit that Gutter track of yours and see if it makes the cut for the new and upcoming Compilation “I Put Me On. Vol. 2” (Not For The Industry). We are eager to get it out here.👉🏾 Submit my Track Now

More News 👉🏾What have you been missing?

100wreckordz, LLC has lots of new music and Artist coming out. Here is a list of what we know is on the way for sure. We are still missing many dates that haven’t been released.

100WRECKORDZ, LLC 2016 RELEASE DATES#blogs, #Marketing, #comment, #marketingdigital, #Independent, #itunes, #placement, #business, #major, #label, #rap, #hiphop, #randb, #genre, #musicians, #musician, #promo, share, #digital, #etc, #click, #link, #pandora, #opportunity, #music, #Promotion, #entertainment, #Google, #viral, #digitaldistribution, #market, #networkmarketing, #applemusic, #spotify, #takeadvantage, #100wreckordz, #networking, #promote, #distribution, #free, #amazon, #artist, #distributor, #releases #2016
There were also a couple releases that dropped in January from L.T. called (Hallejuah) & (For My Haters). Not to mention all of the previous music still in the inventory. Make sure you stay updated and prepare to fill your playlist.

L.T. Has Entered Digital Stores

Hallelujah – Single
For My Haters- Single

You all have been waiting on it, well here it is. L.T. has finally released his first 2 singles “Hallelujah” and “For my Haters”  in digital stores. To make up for the wait, he has dropped 2 of them simultaneously and they are available for you now. We took the time out and put several links below, so you won’t have to go searching store to store. Both of these singles are available for Free listening on Sound Cloud as well. Listen now, Buy next.

Album Releasing April 12, 2016

Listen free On – Soundcloud

Hallelujah on – iTunes

For My Haters On – iTunes

Hallelujah on – Spotify

For My Haters on – Spotify

Hallelujah On – Amazon

For My Haters on – Amazon

Hallelujah On – Jay Z Tidal

For My Haters on – Jay Z Tidal

Hallelujah on -Google Play

and many more.

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Are you a Artist? Do you have everything you need as an Artist? Is your music being heard? Does anyone even know you? Do you promote your music? Do you have a Marketing Strategy? Do you have Distribution? Are you paying for Distribution? Do you get your covers done for singles & Projects? Do you need help? 

100wreckordz, LLC
Join Us

We Are offering a 6 month Partnership with Artist to help boost off their Career. All those questions we asked at the beginning, are things we can help accommodate you with. If you are looking to be a Artist, and a Artist only. You should contact us as soon as possible. But hey, we don’t want dreamers. We want workers, those who push their music as hard as they expect the Label to. We will get your music heard, promoted, Distributed, Marketed, talked about, and shared all around the world. Here is your chance to do nothing more then Rap, Record, Promote, and leave everything else to us.  

Free Mixtape by Mr100
Released on 12/26/2015
100wreckordz, LLC
For My Haters By L.T.
The Real Deal by 3 ft Mr100
Download & Listen Free
Album from L.T. 100wreckordz, LLC
Coming Soon
Hallelujah 100wreckordz, LLC
Releasing Feb 1, 2016

To get things going you must email us with your Alias, Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, ect). Songs that you are interested in getting heard, or Project. You must also follow us on Twitter or SoundCloud. Your progress begins now. Email 100wreckordz, LLC                       Follow 100wreckordz, LLC                          Join 100wreckordz, LLC On SoundCloud

Below are the Top 10 songs on our Channel based only off of amount of plays. 

  Here is the Latest track on Our SoundCloud. The Real Deal

1. “What U Mad 4?” By Mr100 (492.1K plays) Listen Free

2. “Don’t Feel U” By Mr100 ft. 3, Dope Boy Tone (323.8K plays) Listen Free

3. “That’s 100” By Mr100 (222.5K plays) Listen Free

4. “No What I’m Saying” By Mr100 (210.3K plays) Listen & Download Free

5. “Thirsty” By Rico Seville (158.9K plays) Listen Free

6. “Work, Work, Work” By Mr100 (122.9K plays) Listen Free

7.”Here We Go Again” By L.T. (51.8K plays) Listen & Download Free

8. “Posted On Da Corner” By Jay Gutta (50K plays) Listen & Download Free

9. “Watch” By Cassius Kendrell (49.7K plays) Listen & Download

10. “Bottles Up High” By Numbas (49.6K plays) Listen & Download

Treat your ears, the way you treat your lungs and hear “The Real Deal” now. By 3 of FCGZ featuring Mr100 of 100wreckordz, LLC. Download Free

“The Real Deal” by 3 & Mr100  

New Music
3 ft. Mr100
 2016 Download Free Now

Also hear and Download the Latest Mixtape from Mr100 Free now via DatPiff or Soundcloud.

 “Just Don’t Give A Fuxk, Vol. 1” by Mr100 

Presented by 100wreckordz, LLC 2016
 Presented by 100wreckordz, LLC 2016 Download & Listen Free Now

Just Don’t Give A Fuxk, Vol. 1 Coming Soon to Datpiff & SoundCloud (DOWNLOAD A TRACK FROM THE PROJECT (FREE) NOW!)

Download This Track Free

Just Don't Give a Fuxk-NoWhatImSayin

100Wreckordz, LLC will be releasing a (FreeStyle) Project from Artist Mr100 titled “Just Don’t Give A Fuxk, Vol.1”. It is said to be a very entertaining project. Mr100 says “Something fun, and different for me. I never really dropped a Freestyle Project before. It’s away for me to experience music in a different light. I’m sure this will keep my fans entertained, I still want to be creative even though I’m Free-styling, and I’m giving it to them (FREE).

 You may of heard music from L.T. Like “For My Haters”, “Visions of Home EP”, “Here We Go Again” from I Put Me on, Vol. 1. Now he has a new single that has only been released on SoundCloud titled “HalleJuah” ft. Radio. It has quickly exceeded over 20,000 plays within 2 days of its release, and has been getting attention of Labels such as “Def Jam”. Here the song free now here Hallejuah ft. Radio 100wreckordz, LLC

More Music 

Do you want your music heard around the world? Also gain promotion for your track as well as exposure? Well all you have to do is Submit your track now for a chance to be featured on I Put Me On, Vol. 2 “I’m Not Industry” coming early 2016.

Email 100wreckordz, LLC 

Hear & Download Vol. 1

More News

 Google “What U Mad 4 by Mr100” to find out more about this song and video. 

 We want you to Win!!! 
These days, everyone has something that may need a great mass of people to get them going. What do we mean? Well for example, you may want to be a big time music Artist of some sort, or even a Model, or how about an actor? You may have a few projects that you have worked on that could take off, if only you had some support right? Right.

Without support, you may feel like it’s a waste of time or energy. But the truth is, asking for support only proves the lack of it. When you ask for support it pushes potential supporters away. It’s not the fact that you asked for support that made them stray away from what you have going on. It’s the fact that if you have to ask for support, they can’t help but wonder why, leading them away from supporting you on their own. Instead, let your work gain the supporters and fans on its own. 1 by 1. These are those who are not only interested in what you do or offer, but will support you, promote you and or even recommend you. Support It’s earned by doing great work, not popularity, not affiliation, not flashing money photos or any other degrading tactic. 100 percent work, dedication, and staying honest with your crowd could be your big break. Share this with those you know need to read this. Read More

$14,000,000 Declined 

OutFielder Alex Gordon has decided to part ways with the Kansas City Royals. He has turned down a $14 million signing option and is now heading to Free Agency. Read More 

Alex Gordon OutFielder
More News

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