Blood Brotha’s

Blood Brotha's Mixtape
Releasing to Soundcloud, Datpiff, My Mixtapes, Applemusic Playlist & More August 10, 2018.

This mixtape is one of the best Mixtape’s released this year. Real music, Real Vibes, Real stories and worth being in your playlist or cd player. You can find this Mixtape Free on Soundcloud, Dat Piff, My Mixtapes, Applemusic Playlist and more August 10, 2018 3pm which is tomorrow. Stay tuned and get ready for some great tunes.


Do What I wanna Do. A new single released by Mr.100 ft.3
A great message. A great song. This song was made to inspire others to do what they know they can do, know matter what the doubters may say. The beat isn’t anything ordinary. A straight banger produced by Kye Beatz (@Kyebeatz via IG). This original and banging track belongs in your speakers and headphones.


This hot single “Do What I wanna Do” can be purchased in any Digital Store that you may prefer. Such as, iTunes, Applemusic, Spotify, Tidal, BeatsPort, Google Play Music, Pandora etc.. and can be heard free on Soundcloud. Mr.100 and 3 are also planning to release a new Mixtape this summer 2018 titled “Blood Brotha’s”. This is said to be a head banger as well. For all of the Independent Artist out there. Don’t ever stop and remember, you can “Do What You Wanna Do”. Check it out below.


Master the World


How do you know what real is when the world was made with fake intentions and selfish wants? Money, Power, Religion, Slavery, Manipulation and Destruction are just a handful. People will kill for money. People with power will abuse it. Religion shouldn’t be so diverse and re-edited. Slavery shouldn’t even be considered an option. No race should have a say so on who should and shouldn’t be slaves. This world takes advantage of the human species by mastering Manipulation. They are so successful at this because they start with the manipulation within your childhood years.

No one really ever had a chance to truly think for themselves. Every human being including myself has been taught by someone else how to live life. The way we begin living life afterwards comes into play once we realize just that. But what we know still goes based on another persons teaching. We are programed to do what others want us to do, instead of what we actually want to do. Starting with schooling.

Not saying that getting a “Education” isn’t important. But for every school, every child is taught to basically learn the exact same thing. Being told what is important and what isn’t.  What to know or “What you need to know to survive in this world”. What piece of history you should know and so on. Not going to speak to much more on this subject but schools have changed.

Monkey see, Monkey do. That’s how this world works. But you can make sure you don’t get caught in this way of life by having a strong brain that actually thinks for itself. If you lived life based on a “Do what I wanna Do” attitude and did everything because you wanted to and not because you felt you are supposed to. Then you will soon master life and the world. You also will live the life of doing more of what you love instead of what you hate.

We all want to be in control right? We all want our own business or to be rich in some aspect right? If you said yes. Don’t worry its normal. That’s what we all want including myself. Its good to have something you want to be in control of, own or anything like that. That means you have something that you actually want to do yourself. That’s good. Keep that way of thinking.

If you would like to hear more on this subject and what we think. Leave your comments, like or even share and we will continuously update it. We are all about encouraging others and trying to share good information.

L.T. Has Entered Digital Stores

Hallelujah – Single
For My Haters- Single

You all have been waiting on it, well here it is. L.T. has finally released his first 2 singles “Hallelujah” and “For my Haters”  in digital stores. To make up for the wait, he has dropped 2 of them simultaneously and they are available for you now. We took the time out and put several links below, so you won’t have to go searching store to store. Both of these singles are available for Free listening on Sound Cloud as well. Listen now, Buy next.

Album Releasing April 12, 2016

Listen free On – Soundcloud

Hallelujah on – iTunes

For My Haters On – iTunes

Hallelujah on – Spotify

For My Haters on – Spotify

Hallelujah On – Amazon

For My Haters on – Amazon

Hallelujah On – Jay Z Tidal

For My Haters on – Jay Z Tidal

Hallelujah on -Google Play

and many more.

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Just Don’t Give A Fuxk, Vol. 1 Coming Soon to Datpiff & SoundCloud (DOWNLOAD A TRACK FROM THE PROJECT (FREE) NOW!)

Download This Track Free

Just Don't Give a Fuxk-NoWhatImSayin

100Wreckordz, LLC will be releasing a (FreeStyle) Project from Artist Mr100 titled “Just Don’t Give A Fuxk, Vol.1”. It is said to be a very entertaining project. Mr100 says “Something fun, and different for me. I never really dropped a Freestyle Project before. It’s away for me to experience music in a different light. I’m sure this will keep my fans entertained, I still want to be creative even though I’m Free-styling, and I’m giving it to them (FREE).

 You may of heard music from L.T. Like “For My Haters”, “Visions of Home EP”, “Here We Go Again” from I Put Me on, Vol. 1. Now he has a new single that has only been released on SoundCloud titled “HalleJuah” ft. Radio. It has quickly exceeded over 20,000 plays within 2 days of its release, and has been getting attention of Labels such as “Def Jam”. Here the song free now here Hallejuah ft. Radio 100wreckordz, LLC

More Music 

Royals Parking Frenzy

Watch how the Kansas City Royals Fans Created their own parking spots for the Parade. Now this is what we call “Support”. We would like to Congratulate the Kansas City Royals once again for winning the World Series and becoming the best baseball team ever to be seen in MLB.  

Leave your comments about what you think about the Parade below. More News

Heading to The Royals Parade, but look how far people parked away from it. 

Go Royals
No care giving here, when it comes to the Royals, we park where we want to.

Do you need your hottest track heard? What are you waiting for?

100wreckordz, LLC has been allowing Independent Artist from around the world, the opportunity to place their hottest track on their SoundCloud channel. This has been helping Artist with more exposure and developing more listeners to their tracks. Their is a small fee for this opportunity of $5.99, but it’s worth so much more. Are you the next Artist? Visit the channel here 100wreckordz, LLC SoundCloud

Email 100wreckordz, LLC here Email 100wreckordz, LLC

 SoundCloud of 100wreckordz, LLC

100wreckordz, LLC
Home Page of 100wreckordz, LLC as of 9/30/15

Now it’s Free

100wreckordz, LLC will be making Artist Mr100’s previous Album “I Been Ready” available for listening and download today, around 8pm at the latest on SoundCloud. It is said that it will only be available for download for a short period of time before its only allowed to be heard with restrictions. If you don’t own this already or haven’t heard it, this would be a great opportunity for you. It’s a pretty great disc.100wreckordz, LLC SoundCloud

 Album released in 2014 by Mr100 of 100wreckordz, LLC

Available 9/26/15 by 8pm
Available on SoundCloud

Boss on his way home from 10 year sentence 

After 10 long years, Former Street Boss is on his way back home to his family, with only months left of his sentence. Rap Artist Mr100 names him in a few of his tracks using the alias “C-Dub”. 

Some words from C-Dubs Facebook yesterday morning


Former Street Boss
Add C-Dub and keep in touch.

  “See Me When They Free Me”~C-Dub 

Will this video ever hit 20,000 views?

 Trending song “What U Mad 4?” also has a pretty nice video. This video was shot by, Mario Lee of (3 Months & A Moon Films) within the neighborhood Mr100 grew up in. It currently has close to 15,000 views and has the potential to see a lot more. View this video and tell us what you think.What U mad 4 Official Video 

 This video can be viewed on YouTube, VEVO, MUZU Tv, Dailymotion & More 

What are your Thoughts?

 The people love it. Are you one of them? 

Artist and CEO of 100wreckordz, LLC, Mr100 & Rap Artist Rico Seville has dropped a hot single that has been getting a lot of attention lately. It has been played well over 200,000 times on SoundCloud and has been getting a lot of streams on multiple online radio stations. The people seem to love this track. What are your thoughts? Listen now and leave us some feedback in the comments area. We would love to hear what you think. What U Mad 4?


Independent people do Independent things. Like this

100wreckordz, LLC 

 I Put Me On, Vol. 1

100wreckordz, LLC has released a project on SoundCloud featuring some very talented Independent Artist. When it comes to hidden talent, this project helps spotlight a lot of it. It has received over 200,000 plays on SoundCloud and multiple downloads, giving this project a great buzz and exposure. This Various Artist Project “I Put Me On, Vol. 1” features these Independent Artist as follows (Mr100, Numbas, FittedCap Gz, L.T., Jay Gutta, Smashy, Rico Seville, Labamba & Tezzo Bezzo, Cassius Kendrel, Nicky V, Wade, Yung Thes, Mack So Fly, GG Cashper and Calamity Kay. Visit and take advantage of some great free music and listening.

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