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100WRECKORDZ LLC has released plenty of music in 2018 alone. You can get the latest music from any Digital Store that you prefer using. You will find Artist like Mr.100, 3, Rico Seville, L.T. A.K.A. Lawrence Taylor, Mikey Vanhailen, DupreeWorld, DaSauce, Chuck Nameless, Gheddy, Richie Trapps, Lil Wockhardt, FCGZ & much more. Add hot music from 100Wreckordz LLC to your playlist now and get caught up.

Back When I was Trapping
Latest Released Album from Mr.100. In all Digital Stores and can be heard free on SoundCloud.
This is an Album worth downloading. Go back with Mr.100 in his younger days and find your favorite track on this hot album now. All of the beats were produced by Mr.100.
I'll Be Dead
Latest Released single from Mr.100. Released 4/25/2018
Mr.100 has released another hit single titled “I’ll Be Dead”. He also produced the track. This track was released 4/25/18 and can be downloaded, streamed or purchased from any Digital Store within the US or out of Country.
Clibming by Mr.100 ft. Mikey Vanhailen
One of Mr.100s hottest released Singles. “Climbing” ft. Mikey Vanhailen prod. by Mr.100.
This is by far one of our favorite tracks from Mr.100. Featuring Mikey Vanhailen from New York. Add this hot track to your playlist. Released 4/6/2018.

Just Don’t Give A Fuxk, Vol. 1 Coming Soon to Datpiff & SoundCloud (DOWNLOAD A TRACK FROM THE PROJECT (FREE) NOW!)

Download This Track Free

Just Don't Give a Fuxk-NoWhatImSayin

100Wreckordz, LLC will be releasing a (FreeStyle) Project from Artist Mr100 titled “Just Don’t Give A Fuxk, Vol.1”. It is said to be a very entertaining project. Mr100 says “Something fun, and different for me. I never really dropped a Freestyle Project before. It’s away for me to experience music in a different light. I’m sure this will keep my fans entertained, I still want to be creative even though I’m Free-styling, and I’m giving it to them (FREE).

 You may of heard music from L.T. Like “For My Haters”, “Visions of Home EP”, “Here We Go Again” from I Put Me on, Vol. 1. Now he has a new single that has only been released on SoundCloud titled “HalleJuah” ft. Radio. It has quickly exceeded over 20,000 plays within 2 days of its release, and has been getting attention of Labels such as “Def Jam”. Here the song free now here Hallejuah ft. Radio 100wreckordz, LLC

More Music 

Do you want your music heard around the world? Also gain promotion for your track as well as exposure? Well all you have to do is Submit your track now for a chance to be featured on I Put Me On, Vol. 2 “I’m Not Industry” coming early 2016.

Email 100wreckordz, LLC 

Hear & Download Vol. 1

More News

 Google “What U Mad 4 by Mr100” to find out more about this song and video. 

SoundCloud is your best friend

Is SoundCloud Your Best Friend? 

SoundCloud is one of the best music social networks around for streaming, listening, sharing, and discovering new and current music. If you are a Artist, Agent, Talent scout ect, then you can benefit from SoundCloud Greatly. If you are sharing original content to which you own the rights to, then we recommend becoming a Pro Member and monetize your work to experience all of the perks and get payed for your music. A lot of different Artist have been heard and discovered through SoundCloud. 100wreckordz, LLC has benefitted greatly from this network and have helped a lot of different artist get heard as well. Go ahead and give it a try if you have music you need to be heard. There are millions of SoundCloud fans just waiting to hear you. When you sign up add us. (Add Us)

Don’t look past SoundCloud. It’s one of the best moves you could make. It’s your best friend. Use it right, accurately, pay for statistics, utilize the statistics, enjoy your crowd.

Get your music on this big network now Get my music on

 Make sure you listen to this project if you love great music. Various Artist from around the world, from US to Out of Country.I Put Me On 

This new single will be releasing at 3pm Memories by Freddy B. Make sure you tune in, this track is unavailable until that time comes.

We would like to welcome a New Artist from the NC “Zay Dolllaz.” He has dropped a new single titled “Yungings”. It will be live at 5pm today on our SoundCloud Channel. It can be heard here at that time Zay Dolllaz – Yungings 

Yungings a New single from Zay Dolllaz
A New Single from Zay Dolllaz

Do you need your hottest track heard? What are you waiting for?

100wreckordz, LLC has been allowing Independent Artist from around the world, the opportunity to place their hottest track on their SoundCloud channel. This has been helping Artist with more exposure and developing more listeners to their tracks. Their is a small fee for this opportunity of $5.99, but it’s worth so much more. Are you the next Artist? Visit the channel here 100wreckordz, LLC SoundCloud

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